San Felipe celebrates rock and good deeds

EL CENTRO, Calif. – There’s a big party south of the border this weekend and everyone’s invited. It’s the 10th Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta organized by San Felipe Lions Club.
ABC 5 reporter Roy Dorantes caught up with rock legend Javier Batiz  who headlines the event.

“Javier, can you tell me what’s going to happen over there?” Dorantes asked the energetic rock legend.

“Well, were gonna have a really good time, spend time with the family. It’s a weekend, you know?,” Batiz said.

It’s a celebration of rock and art in San Felipe, Mexico, held in the Pavilion at La Ventana del Mar and El Dorado Ranch.

Organizers call it a showcase of true American music in Baja California, where Batiz will perform for a tenth year.

“Lot of groups from the states and from Mexico are coming over,” Batiz said.

Batiz is proud to play an important role in entertaining crowds who in turn contribute back to those in need. Event organizer Gary Dilley of the San Felipe Lions Club says funds raised from the event make a big difference.

“100 percent goes back into the community in the way of the orphanage, the food bank, red cross,” Dilley said.

Brawley rock musician Robert Garcia admires the work Batiz puts in to promote rock music while helping the community.

“I think it’s very important. There’s a lot of influx of musicians that are following his footsteps and they try to keep rock alive.”

The festival features art exhibits and other attractions native to the area.

“Everything is so beautiful. And the kids, and the grandmas, and grandpas – it’s a family time. It’s a good time. It’s rock and roll time,” Batiz exclaimed.

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