United Yuma County Fire Association funds Saddles of Joy Project


YUMA, Ariz. – A local organization that usually brings smiles to the Yuma community had something to smile about themselves. Saddles of Joy has a therapeutic riding program in Yuma and desperately needed a fence around their property. That’s why the United Yuma County Fire Association took matters into their own hands on Saturday by funding and executing the project.

David Zahn, a Rural/Metro Fire paramedic and a Saddles of Joy volunteer, led the project. “Before it was just the rail fencing and people were just coming and going,”explains Zahn. “The animals, if they got out out, were able to get out and roam so just a little bit of security for them.”

Home Depot assisted with the materials for the project and came together with UYCFA to help the community. “It kind of touches our hearts and Home Depot just wants to come out and help the community just the same way that anyone else would,” shares Home Depot volunteer, Andrew Rivera.

The UYCFA frequently contributes their time to the community. “We want the community to know that we’re not only here to respond to the fire calls,” stresses Capt. Martin Mendez of the Rural/Metro Fire Department. “This is our community and we want to help it out.”

The group expects to finish Saddles of Joy’s fence on Sunday.

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